Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Cheese Turkey Burgers & Homemade Fries

turkey burger


These turkey burgers are always a hit in my home. The red wine mixed with the Worcesteshire sauce make these burger yummy and juicy. Topped with a tangy blue cheese, they are sure to please!

Happy New Year!!

•Turkey Burgers•


2 pounds of ground turkey
1/4 cup dry red wine
1/4 cup Worcesteshire sauce
salt & pepper to taste

Big crusty buns
red onion, sliced
creamy blue cheese, crumbled


Mix the first five ingredients by hand in a big bowl. Shape meat into flat round patties. Het a non stick pan to med high heat add a small amount of olive oil and coat pan. Grill patties on both sides until meat is cooked through. Cut your buns in half and toat them under your oven broiler until they are golden brown. Top cooked turkey patties with lots of blue cheese crumbles, place under broiler too until cheese is bubbly. Assemble your turkey burger and serve.


•Homemade Fries•


6 to 8 Russet potatoes
olive oil
salt & pepper


Wash and scrub your whole potatoes. On a cutting board cut your potatoes in half long ways. Then cut each half in half, still long ways. Then cut halfs into skinny fries. Repeat with all of your potatoes. Place cut potatoes on a cookie sheet. Drizzle generously with olive oil. Add salt & pepper and toss. Cook at 400˙until golden brown.




  1. Oh my this looks so yummy! I'm trying this out for sure!

  2. Oh Laura! We eat quite a few turkey burgers in this house! I bet the red wine and blue cheese really makes yours taste much better! :) Kathy

  3. Oh yummy you had me at blue cheese topping...DIVINE recipe

  4. The red wine and blue cheese must add a unique taste to Turkey? Sounds tasty.

  5. Oh yum!! I had no idea you had a food blog, everything looks fabulous!! What time shall I be there for dinner? ;)


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