My Kitchen

door way, kitchen
Here is the entry into my kitchen, with one of my kitties, Guy.

island view, kitchen
I love my center island with a third deep sink.

island, kitchen
Lots of cub bard space, makes me happy. :)

stove, kitchen
My Viking gas stove, swoon. Yes, that pasta pot faucet above the stove is functional and very useful:)

oven, kitchen
A double oven is so helpful.

eating area, kitchen
Our eating area, I love to sit in my long back chairs with a cup of coffee in the mornings.

hot water faucet, kitchen
My very favorite special feature, one item that I could never live without... a hot water faucet, perfect for a cup of tea. :)

I am one of "those" people who loves to look at other peoples kitchens. I look at appliances first followed by the layout and then I hunt out the small details that make the kitchen special.  Here is a peek at my special space, where all my experimenting happens. I adore my kitchen, I feel that it is cozy, functional, and it even has a few of those special features.