Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4 • In the Bag

Achievement, yes I made it through day 4! I had a lot of energy this morning, went to the gym and was killed by my personal trainer. Today my PT and I did mostly weights followed up with a 4 mile run. It felt great. I didn't have any hunger pains until later this evening while watching T.V. and every other commercial is about food... water, water, and more water!!! It is super important to drink lots of water while fasting/cleansing. Hot water with lemon is also a favorite, especially in the winter. I'm a little excited for bed and to get on with Day 5!! 


Day 4:

Breakfast Juice
carrots, clementines, red apples, ginger

Lunch Juice
spinach, zucchini, pears, strawberries

Dinner Juice
spinach, zucchini, green apples, pineapple

Hot water with lemon :)


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